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Looking for an escape from Christian Radio’s constant requests for money?

Want great Bible teaching without a plea for “love gifts” all the time?

Looking for sound gospel teaching that comes straight from the Bible and not the creeds and doctrines of men?

Then this is the Christian radio app for you!

The Truth.FM app is your best location for Christian radio stations broadcasting online and resources to help your faith and service to God.

With the Truth.FM app you can:

  • Listen to gospel radio stations from all over the world
  • Listen during your work day and on the go
  • Hear special events that will build your faith and Bible knowledge
  • Read articles and blog posts
  • Stay up to date with push notifications
  • Share your favorite messages via Twitter, Facebook, or email
  • Download on-demand content for offline listening

The stations found in the Truth.FM app broadcast the simple truth of God’s word in sincerity and love. You might not always agree with what a teacher says, but you will be able to find the book, chapter, and verse from the Bible where that teaching is found.